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                                                          Newly Added Joe Joe’s “No Sugar Added” Salad Dressings


                                               All your Favorite Flavors - Red, Red w/Balsamic Vinegar and Poppy Seed


                                                                               Keto and Diabetic Diet Friendly

Features & details

This product is a low net carbohydrate, no sugar added dressing or marinade for your favorite salad, vegetables and meat. We were asked by customers and people who attend Farmer’s Markets to come up with Diabetic and Keto Diet options. We recently added “No Added Sugar” variations to all our flavors: Red, Red w/Balsamic and Poppy Seed. 

All our flavors have no preservative, are sodium, gluten MSG and cholesterol free. They are also Vegan (contain no egg, dairy or animal product) or peanut allergens. The only metabolizable sugar in these dressings is what is naturally present in the vegetables we use.


We worked hard testing a variety of sugar substitutes and sampling products. Everything we tried was marginal at best until we experimented with Allulose. We were not willing to put out any products that sacrificed the taste of our regular flavors with sugar. Allulose is a relatively new sweetener that has the flavor and consistency of sugar that lacks the aftertaste noted with other sugar alternatives. Allulose is not recognized by the body as a carbohydrate and is not metabolized as energy. Therefore, the calories are negligible. Unlike table sugar Allulose has no impact on blood glucose nor interferes with insulin. Allulose is not listed on the nutrition facts panel as “added sugar” per draft guidance from the FDA and was the best match for our goal to provide a quality, delicious dressing. 


The proof is in the bottle. Give Joe Joe's No Sugar Added Dressings a try, you'll be glad you did. ***There are many websites with information, facts, and opinions about Allulose. We suggest current and potential customers research this sugar alternative and make an informed decision that it is right for you.


We got our start at the kitchen table. Our products are blended taking into consideration: taste, health and nature. We started small and sold these at local farmer's markets in Central Illinois. Because of the overwhelming response and dedicated following to our products, we have expanded. We hope our products find the way to your kitchen table. Our family has been entrepreneurial in the food business for many years. My parents owned and operated a restaurant named Freddie’s located on Route 51 in the small town of Moweaqua, Illinois. These recipes are handed down from my mother Carol. I started making these dressings when my wife and I entertained. Everyone started calling the dressing Joe Joe’s Red.  That name stuck and we continue to call it that. (Many consider this as “Catalina-ish”) I started making larger batches of dressing and putting it in Ball Mason jars as gifts. Soon I was asked to sell it. I experimented and added Balsamic Vinegar to the recipe. This was a huge hit. I would sell Joe Joe’s House Red and Red w/ Balsamic Vinegar at local farmer’s markets on Saturday mornings. By speaking with customers face-to-face I was able to find out what people are looking for. Basically, they are looking for wholesome products conducive to healthy eating. All our flavors have no preservatives and are sodium, gluten MSG and cholesterol free. They are also Vegan (contain no egg, dairy or animal product) or peanut allergens. We have shipped product to numerous locations throughout the United States and even abroad. Our customers say things like: “I can’t be without it”; “My kids are eating salad it’s so good”; “This has got me back to eating salads”; “Great for marinade on chicken”.

After much success and overwhelming response, in the fall of 2015, we created a small company called Main Street Legacy products. We have 6 salad dressings labeled and trademarked Joe Joe's House. The flavors are House Red, House Red w/Balsamic Vinegar, and Poppy Seed with Diabetic and Keto diet varieties. The dressings have become popular in areas we have marketed. Our customers have asked us to get it into retail chains.  Our goal is for our products to find a way to your table. We hope you enjoy and thanks for your business.

Joe Joe

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