About the product:

  • Joe Joe's Poppy Seed Salad Dressing is a personal favorite. It adds a unique touch to any bowl of greens and always has you coming back for more. This dressing is guiltlessly addicting, and the refreshing taste is perfect for any occasion. Want something new? Try pouring Joe Joe’s Poppy Seed over coleslaw mix.
  • It's no wonder why customers love this dressing. Sweet and savory all at the same time. Our dressing has a refreshingly pleasant taste that's enhanced by the poppy seeds and a touch of basil make this dressing a tasty complement to salads. This flavorful dressing captures the tanginess and texture your salads have been missing.
  • We got our start at the kitchen table. Our products are blended taking into consideration; taste, health and nature. We started small and sold these at local Farmer's Markets in Central Illinois. Because of the overwhelming response and dedicated following to our products we have expanded. We hope our products find the way to your kitchen table.
  • Contains no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, no sodium, is low in saturated fat / gluten and cholesterol free.
  • Shake well before serving as ingredients may naturally separate.

Joe Joe's House Poppy Seed